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There are nearly 100 million people surfing the Internet and World Wide Web on any given day. For marketers, this statistic represents a tremendous opportunity to reach potential customers turo and build ongoing relationships with them, read internetwoordenboek.com/invinceable-reviews.html. But many companies are beginning to doubt whether the Internet can have a positive impact on their business. A recent survey of 500 North American CIOs, found that 61% of them feel that their company is not realizing an adequate return on its online investment. With most Web visitors going online to search for information only, they remain skeptical of online advertising vehicles, such as banner ads, viewing them as intrusive and too commercial. Marketers, then, are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to distribute online marketing messages that grab a Web surfers' attention and keep them coming back. World Business Review takes a look at an old familiar product that has found its way to the Web - the Post-itRNote - and how it is helping businesses really stand out in the crowd on show 436: Internet Solutions.

"One thing companies have struggled with is how to get a message effectively across to a consumer; and beyond that, how to make sure they take that message away with them," said Marty Kenner, senior software specialist for and leader of the team that developed the electronic version of the Post-itRNotes. "Post-it(r) Software Notes for Internet Designers goes one step further," Kenner added by allowing a company to build a dialog with its customers."

This dialog is made possible because a Post-itRNote incorporated into a Web page can be dragged by visitors off the Web and onto their own computer desktops. Once on the desktop, the Post-itRNote serves as a reminder to customers that valuable information is on that Web site. And then when a customer is ready to go back to the site for more information, he or she just double clicks on the Post-itRNote and is brought right back to that Web site. An additional feature of Post-itRSoftware Notes for Internet Designers is the ability to incorporate alarms onto the Post-itRSoftware Notes. Alarms can be set to remind consumers of an upcoming event, promotion, new product information and more. For example, if a company is planning to introduce a new product or service a month or two down the road, the Internet developer simply sets an alarm onto the Post-itRSoftware Note to ring on the day of the announcement and direct the customer to the company's Web site. "This software is indicative the 'networking of business processes," says VintonCerf, co-founder of Internet Protocols and a recent recipient of both the National Technology Medal and the prestigious Guglielmo Marconi Fellowship. "The Post-itRSoftware Note, and more specifically the underlying technology that makes it possible, allows us to do things we never would have contemplated before, such as moving bits of software from a Web page onto our own machine, which then can 'wake up' and alert us to something important," he stated.

"If you build the right kind of site, your consumers will find you," according to Joe Andrews, consumer marketing manager for the Pillsbury Company, which has been quick to embrace this new technology. "When you click on the Post-itRNote, you are brought to a page in our site that features a recipe and a photograph of that recipe, complete with nutritional information. This page is changed on a daily basis, to keep user interest high," added Andrews. Consumers follow simple instructions on how to download the free plug-in they will need to see the Post-itRNotes on Web sites and then drag them to their own computer desktops. Once on the desktop, a double click gets them to the recipe page featuring the meal of the day, which serves as an entryway into the rest of Pillsbury's Web site. And are the customers finding Pillsbury's web site? "They certainly have -in droves," according to Andrews.