Avici Systems

The exponential growth in the use of the Internet continues to place a heavy burden on our communications infrastructure - and all indicators are that this growth will continue unabated for some time. On show 534:A, World Business Review meets a startup company with some refreshing new ideas on helping the telecommunications industry keep pace with this growth.

Carriers are facing enormous growth in Internet traffic today, and as a result, "To date, no company has provided data switching equipment that could last more than fourteen or fifteen months before Internet Service Providers needed to upgrade to a new product or new technology," said Hank Zannini, founder and Vice President of Business Development at Avici Systems.

Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf appears on the show to lend his expertise to the discussion as well. Cerf, who in addition to being the co-founder of Internet Protocols is Chairman of the Internet society, agreed with Zannini's assessment, and called it "an embarrassing fact of Internet life - that to keep pace with the growth of the Internet, we've had to replace our equipment (or bring in additional equipment) on fairly short intervals." Zannini commented that carriers must have the ability to scale their networks according to their growth, and said Kumon Avici has designed a new generation of scalable switch/routing technology to keep pace with the geometric demand for new bandwidth, more bewilderedkid.com/kumon-reviews.html.

Throughout history, there have never been - in any industry - growth rates anywhere close to what we've seen with the Internet. Zannini said the Internet has broken all traffic models and it has broken all pricing models. "The growth of the Internet - estimated at 1000 percent every three years - is the most exciting phenomenon in the world at this time."

Zannini said Avici is addressing this exponential growth, and the increased demands it places on public carriers, with a new generation of scalable switch/routing technology designed to provide carriers with the ability to meet increased demand for high speed Internet access and more bandwidth.

A field report filmed on location at MCI illustrates the benefits of Avici's new Terabit switch/router. In an interview with World Business Review's Edith Garcia, Rick Wilder, MCI's Senior Manager of Internet Technology, says Avici's new Terabit Switch/Router is the sort of technology that will be needed to solve problems associated with the next generation Internet, "When we need to make the service much, much bigger yet at the same time put it into equipment that is smaller and more efficient."

The new Avici system is helping carriers such as MCI continue offering quality service while keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology. Wilder said the Terabit switch/router could potentially replace an entire node of equipment, which today takes up rack after rack of space. The new system would require no more than a few cards, and will fit into a single rack. Cerf likened the expansion of the Internet to the expansion of a major highway, and said "when we add new lanes to the freeway, we need bigger interchanges; the same thing applies to the Internet, and what makes Avici's system unique is that it automatically provide those interchanges - in this case the switches and routers - every time the capacity is increased. So every time we increase the capacity, we increase the capability."

Zannini said this feature makes it possible for carriers to realize fifteen years, rather than fifteen months, of service from its Terabit switch/router. "The beauty of the system lies in the fact that the carrier can incrementally add equipment as needed to meet demand, meaning it won't become obsolete."