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There are nearly 100 million people surfing the Internet and World Wide Web on any given day. For marketers, this statistic represents a tremendous opportunity to reach potential customers and build ongoing relationships with them. But many companies are beginning to doubt whether the Internet can have a positive impact on their business. A recent survey of 500 North American CIOs, found that 61% of them feel that their company is not realizing an adequate return on its online investment. With most Web visitors going online to search for information only, they remain skeptical of online advertising vehicles, such as banner ads, viewing them as intrusive and too commercial. Marketers, then, are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to distribute online marketing messages that grab a Web surfers' attention and keep them coming back. World Business Review takes a look at an old familiar product that has found its way to the Web - the Post-itRNote - and how it is helping businesses really stand out in the crowd on show 436: Internet Solutions.

"One thing companies have struggled with is how to get a message effectively across to a consumer; and beyond that, how to make sure they take that message away with them," said Marty Kenner, senior software specialist for and leader of the team that developed the electronic version of the Post-itRNotes. "Post-it(r) Software Notes for Internet Designers goes one step further," Kenner added by allowing a company to build a dialog with its customers."

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Make Your Children Happy With Kids Playhouses!

All children enjoy playing but not just for playing. The matter is that children perceive world via games and playing. This is the way they develop different skills necessary for entering society as mature individualities. Especially children have fun when they need to use their imagination. Unfortunately, many people try to make their children busy with TV and video games thinking that this time will bring them some use. But this is not quite true. There's even an opinion that TV and computer games are harmful for children. In order to bring up active and healthy children grown-ups need to make them busy with playing under the open sky. A playhouse or a play tent will help you to realize this task. Kids playhouses or play tents are excellent devices available in a great number of styles and designs.

A rocket-shaped tent will make your son imagine that he's cosmonaut flying among the stars and planets. Your little daughter will gladly play in a castle-shaped play tent and she'll imagine she's a real princess in her own kingdom. Isn't that marvelous? It's advisable to select a playhouse with a built in mattress or the one that can be easily placed on a standard-sized mattress for your children to be warm and comfortable in it. The greater number of playhouses has a double T-style zip for opening and closing, so that children can lock their kingdom at night. So, children can come up with hundreds of scenarios to play in their kids playhouse.

One of the best producers of playhouses is company Pacific Play Tents that manufacture high-quality playhouses and play tents. Their walls are produced from tough nylon or polyester as well as water resistant or water proof polyethylene floors for easier cleaning. All playhouses and play tents have big doors and windows or big mesh sections in the roof to let air inside.

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Avici Systems

The exponential growth in the use of the Internet continues to place a heavy burden on our communications infrastructure - and all indicators are that this growth will continue unabated for some time. On show 534:A, World Business Review meets a startup company with some refreshing new ideas on helping the telecommunications industry keep pace with this growth.

Carriers are facing enormous growth in Internet traffic today, and as a result, "To date, no company has provided data switching equipment that could last more than fourteen or fifteen months before Internet Service Providers needed to upgrade to a new product or new technology," said Hank Zannini, founder and Vice President of Business Development at Avici Systems.

Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf appears on the show to lend his expertise to the discussion as well. Cerf, who in addition to being the co-founder of Internet Protocols is Chairman of the Internet society, agreed with Zannini's assessment, and called it "an embarrassing fact of Internet life - that to keep pace with the growth of the Internet, we've had to replace our equipment (or bring in additional equipment) on fairly short intervals." Zannini commented that carriers must have the ability to scale their networks according to their growth, and said Avici has designed a new generation of scalable switch/routing technology to keep pace with the geometric demand for new bandwidth.

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