What You Need To Know About Tile Shower Floor

The process of installing tile shower floor contains more than just laying the tiles you have selected beforehand in one of the local home improvement stores. It's the buried point about a waterproof shower. Tile shower floor can guarantee you safety and convenience of using your shower.

1. Sub-Floor Base and Repair

The process of replacing a shower pan starts from getting rid of the damage that was previously caused by the broken liner. This project requires installation of a new part. Repairing this part you're expected to remove any rot or corrosion in the construction. Check up that you have a solid foundation to bear the weight over the base. If there is any movement under the tiles you have installed you risk getting them cracked. That's why the base must be steady and motionless.

2. Special Drain

If you look carefully at a shower floor you'll the drain that has a look of a hole in the floor but that's not all. There are two layers of the drain holes in fact. One layer can be easily seen by you, while the other one is buried in the floor itself. That drain of two layers guarantees you a waterproof floor. But how does a buried drain function you may ask? In reality, that's one of the shower construction mysteries.

3. Sloped Deck Mud

When the drain goes in your shower goes up. As a result, the base mortar layer slopes toward the lower level of the drain. This slope makes water flow downhill. And the mortar is made of very simple ingredients and needs to be packed into the required place.

4. Critical Liner

Understanding what a critical liner is you are going to realize how the drain and the base are important. As far as it is known, water seeps through the tile floor and the grout can't stop it just like the tile. That water seeping through the floor can wreck your house if there is no special layer. The latter consists of a vinyl sheet made for this very purpose. This layer or liner membrane creates a waterproof barrier formed in the floor. In fact, what you get looks like a pool within the floor. It catches every drop of water turning it right to the drain holes made in the floor.

5. More Mortar

When the liner and drain are there, the next step will be putting in the mortar base for the tiles. It has a sloped shape to match the lower slope. Water needs to flow downhill to the drain in order not to remain around in the pools.

The tile shower floor has layers. After you have placed the base and the liner, you will need to set the tile just like it is a regular floor. The liner and the shower base along with the drain are the most important components of a correctly working waterproof tile shower floor.

The internet offers a great number of websites offering free shower pan installation as well as many other products and services. You can also get more detailed information on conducting similar projects on your own.